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Parker University has more than 6,000 alumni in every state and in 30 foreign countries. The Alumni Department maintains strong ties between the University and its alumni through the Parker Wellness Provider Referral program, Parker Ambassador Program, communicating with alumni across the globe, hosting alumni gatherings, and promoting the Parker Alumni Association.

The Alumni Department handles requests from patients, doctors, and massage therapists and others for referral to Parker graduates on a daily basis. It uses e-mail, web, print media and mass telephone systems to communicate with alumni and other University supporters regarding news and current events. Parker alumni can keep in touch with their alma mater and former classmates through the toll-free Alumni number, 888-PR-ALUMS, or on the Alumni page of MyParker which is maintained by the Alumni Department. The Alumni Department also participates in the promotion, maintenance, and monitoring of the University’s social media resources.

The Parker Alumni Association was founded in 1986 for the purposes of promoting positive relations between the University and its alumni, promoting Parker and supporting the goals of the institution. The Alumni Association provides members with discounts on Parker Seminars, continuing education and Parker Share. Members also enjoy student privileges in the Library and Bookstore. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors, which is comprised of the President of the University, the Director of Alumni Relations, the Student Senate President, and fourteen Parker Alumni who are elected to serve three-year rotating terms. The Alumni Association offers free membership to all Parker alumni.


As a nonprofit organization, Parker University needs the support of alumni, friends, corporations, foundations, faculty and staff to offer quality education to students, cutting-edge research for the profession, and valuable services to our patients and to the community.

Financial partnership with Parker creates a stronger voice for chiropractic and community investment in Parker helps create a global network ensuring the chiropractic profession becomes a leader in the 21st century for health and wellness. Giving opportunities include:

  • Student Scholarships

    • Endowed

    • Named

    • Special Purpose                       

  • Seminar Sponsorships

  • Faculty Development                

  • Library Materials

  • Gifts-in-Kind                                                 

  • Chiro Games

  • Wellness Centers /Student Clinics

  • Academic Program development

  • Technology and Capital improvements

  • Grant Funded Research and Special Projects

Synapse: Human Performance Centers

A synapse is the junction between two nerve cells. Its origin comes from Greek words meaning “to clasp”, “to join” or “to bring together.”  

Parker University has created a health center which embodies the concept of bringing together diverse healthcare professionals to one location, hence the name Synapse. Synapse Human Performance Centers are dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from traumatic brain injuries, neurological disorders, stroke, vertigo, and more. Located on the Dallas campus, our prototype Synapse clinic showcases professionals from diverse fields coming together to ensure patients experience the maximum expression of life by removing the barriers to good health.

Open to the public in the Fall of 2019, Synapse Human Performance Centers delivers specialized, patient-focused collaborative care while enhancing student experiences, masters and doctoral residencies and research opportunities.  For any questions or to make a gift, please call 214-902-2433 or email.