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MISM - Interprofessional Spine Management (MS)

COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Masters Master of Science

Degree Type

Master of Science

Major Title

Interprofessional Spine Management (MS)


The Master of Science in Interprofessional Spine Management program integrates neuroscience and public health principles to develop professionals adept at guiding patients through their spine care journey within large hospital systems or medical groups. This program emphasizes the detailed understanding of interprofessional therapies, aiming to create providers who excel in comprehensive spine care management.

Catalog Full Description

Parkers University’s Masters of Science in Interprofessional Spine Care presents an integration of didactic, imaging, and clinical experiences. The program prepares students to function as entry-level providers directing the coordination of spine care in their community. Individuals who receive education in this program will help manage the flow of patients through the conservative and/or medical specialty pathway in managing spine pain. In this program, students will learn to plan and implement case referrals and goal treatments. The new Spine Management program will be taught by distance learning. The proposed plan is to offer the ease of clinical engagement with the guidance and oversight of program faculty and leadership.