The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Health Information Management program is integrated with existing programs to provide the community the leading health and wellness education resource. This degree will provide additional educational opportunities and contribute toward filling the need for health information management personnel in the job market.

The Bachelor of Science with a Major in Health Information Management prepares students to work in the health information management profession, which focuses on healthcare data and the management of healthcare information resources. The profession addresses the nature, structure, and translation of data into usable forms of information including the electronic health record for the advancement of health and healthcare of individuals and populations. Health information management professionals collect, integrate, and analyze primary and secondary healthcare data, disseminate information and manage information resources, related to the research, planning, provision, and evaluation of healthcare services. Health Information Management professionals are an integral part of the planning, implementation and utilization of electronic health record systems.

HIM graduates will be able to sit for the national certification examination to become a Registered Health Information Administrator (RHIA).

Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM) serves the public interest by establishing quality standards for the educational preparation of future health information management (HIM) professionals. When a program is accredited by CAHIIM, it means that it has voluntarily undergone a rigorous review process and has been determined to meet or exceed the accreditation standards. All activities associated with the program, including student and faculty recruitment, student admission, and faculty employment practices, must be non-discriminatory and in accordance with federal and state statutes, rules, and regulations.