The Diagnostic Sonography Program is designed to prepare future sonographers to critically think and problem-solve to meet the required examination protocol and technical needs. Focused coursework prepares students for the certification examination they will take to become registered sonographers. Employment for a sonographer may be in, but not limited to hospitals, private physician practice, imaging centers and diagnostic laboratories.

Parker University’s Diagnostic Sonography Program consists of 8 general education courses, 12 technical courses, and 6 months of clinical experience courses for a total of 7 trimesters (26 months). Parker University conducts courses on a year-round basis with scheduled breaks each year. Students accepted into the Diagnostic Sonography Program are required to successfully complete all general education prerequisites with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) prior to applying to the major curriculum.

The major curriculum is designed in a sequential manner. Each program course is a prerequisite for the subsequent program course offered; therefore, successful completion of each course is a requirement for progression throughout the program. Successful completion of each course is defined as obtainment of a minimum grade of (75%). If a student fails a course, they must wait until the course re-sequences contingent upon not exceeding the program’s maximum capacity and at the program director’s discretion. The student is permitted to repeat a professional course one time with two maximum course attempts. Students in the Diagnostic Sonography program are held to the standards of the university’s Satisfactory Academic Progress policy.

Due to the evolving nature of the Diagnostic Sonography field, the DS curriculum is frequently reviewed and revised as needed. Students who withdraw or are dismissed due to academic failure and are permitted to return to complete the program with another class, are required to test their didactic and/or laboratory skills. The student must pass with a 78% to re-enter the program. They will be advised to audit the class before and pass with a weighted total of 75%. Additionally, students are required to meet the graduation requirements of the class to which they return.